Success Happens

What we do
Our goal is to provide students with a lens to further examine and understand the phenomena of success. Success comes in many forms and there are several factors that determine who will become successful. However, one common thread between most successful people is that they acknowledge they had to give something in order to receive something. They had to sow so they could reap. They got out what they put in. They had to sacrifice in order to one day enjoy the spoils. And thus, our mantra is “Success Happens and it STEMs from Service.
How we do
Science, Technology, Engineering and Math shape the world around us and impact the way in which we live our everyday lives. We want to encourage students to consider what a STEM education has to offer them. Even further, we encourage students to deeply engage themselves in service learning. We’re all about students challenging themselves to address issues in their communities through service, while at the same time learning on a personal, social and intellectual level. Service learning is a high-impact practice that can be life changing and several studies have shown that it has positive effects on student learning, retention, critical thinking and academic performance.
Why we do
Seeing is ultimately believing. To become a mover and shaker, you have to see success before you can visualize yourself succeeding. We provide intriguing examples of success by sharing the stories of talented, hard working and highly accomplished professionals. Even more, we provide an inside look into the lives of students who are currently paving their own pathway to success.