The mission of the STE(A)M Scholar Pathway Project (s2p2) is to improve and expand access to technology careers for students while deepening their critical thinking skills through community-building activities in our social media community. Two big points we want you to take away: s2p2 is a national multi-city opportunity for young people headed to college to nurture enthusiasm and skills in technology through video game design and mobile application development.

s2p2 offers young people year-round activities through college access resources, game and app design courses, speaker series on the topic of success, and summer internship opportunities in STEM-related technology enterprises.

Students are able to earn points based on their participation in additional, pre-approved STE(A)M-related activities that fall outside of s2p2’s video game design and mobile application development courses. Students are required to accrue at least 100 points per year to maintain eligibility and receive their scholarship in full at the end of the program.

STE(A)M-related activities will range from participation in project-based learning activities in-school or out-of-school with a community organization, enrollment in a STE(A)M-focused school, enrollment in an extended day school; in-school or out-of-school vocational courses in website design, programming, etc.