Reflecting on 2020

Reflecting on the year 2020, it reminds me of the quote “We think too much and feel too little” , as said by Charlie Chaplin. Every experience  is a lesson that should be thoroughly examined or else it will present itself again. Take some time to ponder what has 2020 taught you?

In reflection on Chaplin’s words, these are times we connect more to family and those important to you. It is a time for internal and external growth and how we comprehend and measure our success.

Our scholars have demonstrated internal growth by working on their skills of doing things on time. They have been able to work on financial literacy by earning ten certifications. They have demonstrated external growth in these uncertainties to save $500 over the course of six months. These amazing scholars  deserve recognition for doing such a wonderful job. Due to them being active as well as the CORE team, we have been able to award students with scholarship to support their college journey.