CORE: How did you hear about CORE?

Decharn: A counselor at my school talked to me about scholarships

CORE: What was your plan for saving the 500?

Decharn: Me and my sister helped each other. We had a place to put our money…

CORE: Where?

Decharn: In a piggy bank. We motivated each other, when we got to $150 I put our money in the bank and when we got to $500 we made the deposit together.

CORE: What did you learn from the financial literacy training?

Decharn: The proper way of using a check

CORE: What advice do you have for future CORE Scholars?

Decharn: Apply to CORE scholarships, start saving and get yourself a piggy bank. Use your money wisely and make sacrifices, use a lot of old things, get a place to store money that only you know about.

CORE: What’s it like going to the same school as your twin sister?

Decharn: We both moved in a week early because I have band class. So far its nice, I have someone that knows me. It can be weird but we help one another and we’re each good at different things so we can lean on each other for help.

CORE: What are you studying in school and why do you think it’s important to go?

Decharn: Forensics pathology. I’m first generation. There’s more to college than just going there for your major. I have a goal. In school, you learn about your self and other races and the experience of adulthood.