April is National Financial Literacy Month

It started in 2000 from JumpStart Coalition which was later changed to Financial Literacy Month and in 2004, the Senate passed a resolution which recognized April as Financial Literacy Month.

April is National Financial Literacy Month which is dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of financial literacy.

According to Forbes “Financial literacy is critical for understanding how to save, earn, borrow, invest, and protect your money wisely. It’s also essential for developing short and long-term financial habits and skills that lead to overall well-being.”

Gary Herman president of Consolidated Credit stated “Now more than ever, we’re seeing how crucial it for Americans to understand personal finance so they can navigate financial crises effectively. The past year has shown us that financial fundamentals like budgeting, having a robust emergency savings fund, and keeping credit card debt minimized are essential to maintaining stability.”

While as of now many people are feeling positive about their financial prospects as the Consolidated Credit polled 1,000 adults and 93% reported that “they were optimistic about their financial outlook this year.”