Majors and Careers

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August is here and 2023’s fall semester is right around the corner. So, this month’s theme will center around college majors and careers. Choosing a major can be a difficult task. A choice in major can determine the college you attend, the connections you make, and even the careers you can enter. Studying under a major can also take a lot of commitment and money. 

However, picking a major does not always lock you into one specific career. Many majors have multiple components that can open different job opportunities. So, not only should you consider costs and passions when choosing a major, but you should also take a deep dive into the many branching career paths. 

It is perfectly fine if you cannot choose a major or career right away. Career Services professional Jennifer Herrity says that, “Selecting a career path can take weeks, months or even years as you continue learning what you want and need in a job. It’s important to note that you may have the option to change your path multiple times in your life, making the ability to choose a new career a valuable life skill.” What is important is that you find whatever works best for you, your passions, and your future.