CORE Scholars would like to congratulate the very first recipient of the RISE scholarship. Here’s what Corian Wells (PSU) had to say about his experience:

Interview: Corian Wells

CORE Scholars: So Corian, how did you find out about the RISE Scholarship?

Corian Wells: I first found out about the scholarship through my high school counselor at Boys Latin Charter High School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and soon decided to apply for this scholarship.

CS: Which college do you currently attended?

CW: I currently attend Penn State Berks in Reading, PA.

CS: What would you say your first week on campus was like?

CW: I was a little nervous at first as I tried to find my way around campus. I had to learn where my classes were, and meet new people so that I could be comfortable with my new surroundings.

CS: What’s the best part of college life for you?

CW: I would say the best part about college is living on my own and being able to spend more time with friends than I would in high school.

CS: For the students interested in the scholarship, can you walk me through your process in getting the scholarship?

CW: I had to first go online and request an application.  Next, I opened a bank account at PNC to reach my savings goal. I actually didn’t have an ID yet, so I had to get one at the time so that would be able to complete everything I needed for the program. After this I started saving up the money, and after about 6 months, I completed the requirements.

CS: What did you learn from the financial literacy classes?

CW: I learned how important it is to save in life, and how saving can help me now in college. I also learned the truths behind credit cards and found out things like interest, which is the money you have to pay on top of what you owe.

CS: How has this scholarship helped you?

CW: This scholarship has helped me get books and pay off my tuition so that I can continue school.

CS: What advice would give to students seeking scholarships?

CW: I would advise these students to always be organized and turn in all of the necessary documents on time so that you can speed up the process. It is important to prioritize so that you can complete tasks.

CS: What are you going to do with your college education?

CW: I want to work with the legal system. I’m not sure exactly what field I want to go into yet, but I have always had an interest in Criminal Justice. From watching shows like CSI, I have gained a lot of interest in these careers.

CS: Anything else you want to add?

CW: I want to thank you for all of your help, and I want to also thank the CORE RISE Program for giving me this opportunity to further my education.