Declaring a Major

Picking a major is one of the hardest choices for future college students. Not only will it affect your college experience, but it can also affect your career choices and opportunities. It is only natural to be indecisive in this situation and many students prefer to have their first major choice to be perfect. The stress of choosing, however, causes many to freeze and delay until they enter college as undecided. To help boost your confidence in choosing a major, here are some things to keep in mind.

1. Know Your Situation 
Knowing your current and upcoming situation is crucial to choosing a major since it will help figure out your plan to explore your options. If you are a Freshman or Sophomore in high school, then you may have some time before the big questions about college. Use your electives to try out different things and find your passions. If you find a favorite class, then it may be a perfect fit as a major and career. Juniors and Seniors can also do this, but will have less time and options. You will also have to look into which college you would like to go to.
However, this does not mean that you are completely out of time. Some colleges do not allow students to finalize a major until they become a college Sophomore or Junior. This will give you ample time to choose your path

2. Explore Yourself

You are at the phrase in your life where you have to explore yourself. You can also use this time to find what interests you and what careers would enjoy. If you do have interests or strong passions, ask yourself: “Would I enjoy this as a career?”
Do not shy away from new opportunities and experiences, especially if they are free. Joining a club, for example, is a good way to test the environment of a career. If you feel as if the club burdens you, then it may not be the best career choice.

3. It is okay to change your mind
Many people often stay in a major that they are not happy with simply because they are scared of changing that major. However, this will lead to you becoming unhappy with your career. This is another reason why exploring yourself is important. Knowing the difference between having a hard class and an unhappy major experience can be a game changer. 

This decision is not always an instant choice. It takes time to find the major that is perfect for you. It may take weeks or even months just to decide. So, be patient with yourself and discover the best future for you.

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