Cheap College Ingredients

Of course, college can be extremely expensive, but food doesn’t have to be the same. It is important to have the ability to make cheap and easy meals to prevent yourself from buying fast food every day. Here are 3 examples.

Also known as the “Broke College Student Meal,” ramen is famously known for being incredibly cheap and delicious. However, many people often overlook how flexible ramen can be as food. Like pasta, ramen can taste different depending on the spices you use and the way you cook it. If you buy certain branded ramen, you can ditch the seasoning packet provided, or you can mix it with your own spices and ingredients. Some recommended ramen brands include Top Ramen, Marucha, and Nongshim’s Shin Ramen. One packet is often less than one dollar. The price and its flexibility is what makes ramen a special dish to college students.

Similar to ramen, pasta is also quite flexible and can be different depending on the spices you use. Unlike ramen, however, pasta can take many forms, from Spaghetti to Macaroni. Luckily, you don’t need to buy every different type of pasta. The price of pasta can vary depending on the brand. Some brands will cost around $1.50 while others will have you paying 2 or 3 dollars per box. So, keep your eyes peeled while shopping. You are also not required to buy sauces such as Alfredo. It is better to buy separate ingredients for the sauces since those ingredients can later be used for other dishes. One of the easiest examples being Butter Pasta.

According to the National Geographic Society, rice is the most consumed food in the world. On top of that, rice can be extremely filling and plentiful. For example, one cup of rice may be enough to make two individual meals. Rice often comes in pounds or ounces, so keep an eye out for that while looking for the cheapest option.

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