5 Tips To Reaching The Finish Line

1. Gather Your Goals

It’s common for students to become overwhelmed and under kept during this time in the academic year. While Professors may be reminding you of everything you need to do, do you know exactly what you need to do?

The best way to get things done is to know what needs to get done! This is the time to look at every syllabus and grab your calendar or find one online!

Action: Write down everything that needs to be done (yes, even your laundry counts)

Example: Find an empty calendar template on google and fill in all the DUE dates for things as well as commitments and necessary duties like work. It can feel stressful to really see how busy you are, but it’s also one of the best ways to find time to breathe. Be sure to schedule in some non-negotiable relaxation.

2. Prioritize Prioritize Prioritize

It’s great to see the bigger picture but that can be overwhelming all on its own. Realistically, not everything has to be done ASAP. What deadlines come up first? Just trying to answer this question can be overwhelming so add a reward aspect. Whether that means throwing in plans for a movie when you finish a week or having your favorite meal while studying, give yourself something to look forward to.

Action: Make a to-do list in the order of due dates AS WELL as when YOU want/need to be done with them.

Example: Look at your calendar and decide what needs to be done first. That 5 page paper due in two weeks might interfere with a final presentation the same week, so choose which one you need to tackle first. You might see you’re super busy by the end of next week so maybe it’s time to start tackling that paper two days from now.

3. Use Your Resources

Meet your own deadlines. Remember, they’re your own so give yourself some wiggle room because life happens. And while life happens, make sure you’re enjoying it!

Action: Be Intentional NOT Isolating

Example: Some people work better in solitude, but during busy times that can make us more stressed out. Find some friends or classmates to get work done with. If socializing might hinder

your productivity, meet up in the quiet zone of a library or a quiet cafe. You might even want to go to office hours and flesh out your ideas with your Professor. Sometimes talking ideas out feels better than staring at a screen all day.

4.Check and Check✔️

Watch that list shrink, even if it feels like it’s growing (maybe a new assignment popped up or you picked up an extra shift at work. It’s okay. You still got this!) Sometimes during these hectic times it’s easy to finish but forget to hand things in. Keep tabs on your process!

Action: Submit! Then Celebrate!

Example: Look at your list, is there a check mark next to everything? Double check that everything was submitted accordingly. Once you’re done with that, go watch that movie you’ve been wanting to see or go hangout with your friends, but leave the school talk at home! Often we can carry the stress we have over with us, but talk about your successes, not stressors. Especially when this is your free time.

5. Recharge for the next round

The most important thing to do once you’re done is recharge. Gather back your energy, however you see fit. You’re so close. You’ve got this!

Action: Self Care

Example: When I’m done with a heavy load of assignment, I realize my appearance has been the last thing on my mind. Hygiene is something we all have to focus on, so why not make it fancy? I take this time to do a face mask, hair mask, and whatever else makes my body feel relaxed after a hectic week!