Student Spotlight: S. Khan

“Never give up, your victory is right around the corner”.

This meaningful quote had a big impact on my life when I first started as a freshman in college. 

I came from a small background where women’s education is not given much importance. However, my family, especially my dad, always supported the idea of our education and pushed us to get a higher level of education. I remember starting as a freshman and having those anxious mixed feelings of excitement and uneasiness. Thousands of thoughts were running through my mind, but I remembered the reason and success behind going to college

After a year, no matter how much of a bright, motivated student I was, life challenged me once again mentally, emotionally, and physically. I was drained and caught in so much that my doctor and professor decided that I quit my classes and focus on my health. But my dad told me “Don’t give up” and I took that advice. Instead of giving up completely and drowning, I took a little break from school to focus on getting better and then came back to my college to continue my education. 

Today, I am a graduated student with an associate degree in health care studies, Phlebotomy, CPR, and MA certification. In the spring I will be going for my bachelor and then masters. 

In life, there are always challenges that you will come across, things will seem complicated, but you must remember the importance and success associated with your decision to go to college. No matter how hard and intricate the situation is, do not give up because you never fail if you keep on trying. In the end, the victory will be yours for sure.


Sonia khan