Rebekah’s Story

My name is Rebekah [Phonetic] [00:09] Azuwa Kwatsuma Afore Frimpong and I’m a filmmaker, poet, activist and mentor. I was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania but I went to high school in Northern Virginia, DC, Maryland area, moved around them a little bit when I was in high school. 

When it comes to community activism I have another entity that I made or formed and developed called Mama Africa Program. I work with HealthRight International. We work together to help mothers in Africa and here in the United States to get things they need before and after their pregnancies. 

For me now, media is definitely a tool to use to empower yourself and also to communicate with people from all around the world. For me personally, I’m just not really worried about fame or fortune because the determinant of my success is really, for me, the people that I work with. If someone says to me, “You did a great jobI really appreciated what you did for our community”, that’s fame and fortune to me. It’s not necessarily money. 

What you know or who you know is definitely important nowadays because you need to know. You need to be educated. You need to be prepared because you never know who you’re going to meet and who they know to open up the right doors for you. 

My mom played a huge role. She had a really big heart. She was a really great person. She just always said, “Happiness is key and everything else will come”. Mfather taught me to work hard. He worked all the time. He worked really hard. That’s one thing that I could say I learned from my dad. 

I really want my legacy to be that I was a great teacher. Ultimately I want to be a professor. I definitely would say my last words of wisdom are to always never give up and keep building and know that what you’re building is a foundation for your happiness.