Nana’s Story

My name is Nana 
Kankam and I’m an entrepreneur. I’m starting an upscale e-commerce company focused on West Africa. Right now operation’s in Ghana, customers are mostly in Nigeria. I’m selling just clothing accessories that aren‘t as readily available there as they should be. 

I think of success as like, you have one shot at life right? It sounds crazy and stupid and like something you’d see in a card but you have one life that you can live and it just keeps going by. That can be anything. Itdoesn’t have to be a traditional view of success. It can be whatever it is that people around you say you should do or think you should do, or you can be what I think is really successful, which is being true to whoever it is you are and doing something that you love to do. 

I think that if you’re actually going to be truly successful you’re probably going to compromise along the way. Not compromise at the core but I think you have to figure out what are the things you’re not willing to compromise on and what are all the other things that are just that gray area of your idea of how things will go. 

You know, I just want people to just do what makes them happy. I just think people should just really stop and like do what makes them happy.People don’t do that. People either are these drones that just feel like, like I said, this traditional idea of success and what you should do if you have all these opportunities. People just either do that, I think, and they are either happy or unhappy or they don’t take advantage of their opportunities and they don’t become what they could have become. 

I just think that people should try really hard and people should hopefully become happy as a result of that. I think, just the person you become when you challenge yourself and when you remain committed to seeing something through and trying really hard at it is always iteratively better than what it was before. 

I think a lot of people who are successful, whether or not they really talk about it, have worked really hard at something and they’ve failed at something several times and they’ve been determined to succeed at something. 

As a young person, I think you just have to be really focused on doing whatever it is you want to do but know that it’s not going to be easy and be willing to work hard and be tired and be stressed and be stretched and understand that that’s just what you do in order to have the benefits of what you build as a result of that. I am Nana Kankam and success happens.