Kwabena’s Story


My name is Kwabena Asiedu and I’m a consultant. I was born in New York, Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, but grew up in a bunch of different places. attended the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. 

Penn is one hyper-competitive environment and a very, I think,professionally oriented environment. A lot of it had to do with grades and what were the jobs you got over the summer, what was the job you got when you graduated. I think some people personally were interested in that and some people just followed what everyone else was doing because they thought that’s what you’re supposed to do. 

In high school I was the dude who was like, “I‘m going to be rich”. I‘ve had friends who were like, “You know, dude, I just want to be able to have a family, have kids, raise them to be good people and be happy”. 

In my teenage years it was the whole bling culture. Everything was about huge jewelry, how much money you could spend popping bottles and all those things and I never understood it. I could understand that its wealth and you’re trying to enjoy it but at the same point in time, Ithink, coming from the background I came from, it was very conservative in terms of how you show your success. 

One of the things college taught me is how to think, how to be analytical and how to be skeptical. 10 years ago I would have defined success by how much money’s in the bank account, what are my job prospects.Over the last two to three years, I think my definition of success has broadened. How is what I do on a daily basis impacting other people?How am I changing other people’s lives? How am I trying to move towards what I feel is the dream I want to achieve? 

The only thing that really stops anyone is themselves. Nmatter what anyone tells you, an education is priceless. My name is Kwabena Asieduand success happens.