Jumi’s Story


My name is Jumi Falusi and I am a financial analyst at UBS Investment Bank in New York City. I am originally from San Jose, California. That is a suburb. I think my parents were the foundation. They gave me really structured examples of what I could aspire to professionwise. 

I always kind of stood out from my friends back home in California. I was always in all the honors classes, et cetera, et cetera. Instead of being jealous of me they would always praise me and they would always say that they wanted to be like me. They gave me the boost that I needed to see to know that it was cool to be smart. 

You can’t put yourself in a box. If you’re good at one thing you can’t just rely on that to be your ticket or to be the one thing that fulfills you. When I was in college I explored. Being a young African woman I explored wanting to be a business professional. I explored wanting to be an actress. I took it upon myself to just explore everything that was me. It’s so easy to be nice but people just don’t do it. I think that’s one of those secret sauces to being really successful is actually being nice

I didn’t realize how important just everyday math would be. You’re looking at financial statements and you’re really deconstructing the numbers and figuring out, “Well, if this is a company, where’s the revenue coming from? What are those numbers? How does that translate into real value for me as an investor?” 

Doing something that you’re really, really good at, doing something that you love and doing something where you are happy with the way that you’re compensated, that’s pretty successful. Don’t ever tell yourself no. In any given situation I think my biggest barrier to success would bemyself, just beating down on myself, not thinking I can do something, not taking advantage of the opportunities that I have

If you find that you want to do something and there’s something holding you back, you would be surprised how many people will help you when you just ask. Make sure that your happiness is first and foremost. I am Jumi and success happens.