Getting Into College

Many factors go into being ready for college. Knowing what colleges and universities require for admission is essential. In some cases, interviews, recommendations and an extensive application process are the norm, whereas community college may only require students to have a high school degree.

Although each case is different, there are a few key steps that all students should be aware of in order to be prepared and eligible to apply for colleges.

Course Expectations

If you are just entering high school, the courses you take could help in determining your interests and skills and could make you a stronger candidate for the college of your choice. Speak with your school counselor to learn how you can plan your education to meet the entrance requirements of statewide and independent colleges and universities in Pennsylvania.

Standardized Tests

Most colleges require that you take one of the standardized tests—either the ACT or the SAT—and your scores are one key component of admission. Check out the SAT and the ACT websites for more information.

College Interviews

Testing and activities all happen before you start the college application process, but depending on where you are applying, an interview may be one way that you can further showcase your talents and abilities and set yourself apart from the crowd. The interview is also a way for you to learn more about the college. Asking questions in the interview is OK, and in fact helps show that you are engaged and interested in learning more about the college.

Extracurricular Activities

Another aspect of student life that colleges find important is activities outside the classroom. If you love sports, drama or any kind of extracurricular activity, including those that take place off your school campus, let colleges know. Extracurricular activities, particularly ones that demonstrate your leadership skills, can show colleges how well-rounded you are and may help you get scholarships.