Christina’s Story

I am Christina Brown. I‘m an online editor and a fashion blogger. I work at Uptown Magazine. It’s a luxury lifestyle publication. I really love it there. I love the people. We also share space with Vibe Magazine so it’s a really great dynamic, getting to meet and coordinate with a bunch of different people. I do daily posts for them. I go to my computer, I go to the blogs, check out what’s hot on the cyber streets. 

I grew up in a neighborhood that was very mixed. We had a good mix of different races and people of different ethnic backgrounds and alsoincome levels. Growing up, I had exposure to a lot of different peopleand I think that really helped me develop as a person. I never really have a problem relating to people no matter where they’re from or what walk of life they come from. 

I do a lot of networking. I think in any industry that’s really important but especially in media, in fashion. It’s really all about who you know so it’s so important to try and develop good relationships with people andkind of get your face out there. 

Smile. I think that’s the biggest thing I can tell anyone about successful networking. When you smile it just opens up the door for conversation. I think that’s something that people neglect. Sometimes the more peopleyou know the larger your network is. Your network equals your net worth, that’s what I say

I’m really into fashion. I love fashion. I don’t know a thing about photography or videography and that type of thing but my blog is based around images. I need to have photos. I need to have that type of content so I call up my friends. I’m like, “Can you do this for me? Can you help me out? If you do, I can plug your website, I can do this for you”. 

It’s so important to link up with people who are like-minded but also have other talents. That’s something that I really tapped into in college because there were so many talented people. It’s important to hone in on the power of your peers. A lot of times people automatically assume that you can only gain from people who are above you or doing better than you. 

I think my success is based on happiness. I’m not one of those people who measure success based on how large the stacks are on your bank account or whether or not you have a corner office. If you’re happy in what you’re doing then you’re already successful. 

All these people who are working these long hours and hate their jobs and they might be making good money but they’re not happy.Traditionally people look at them as being successful but I wouldn’t look at that as being successful because you’re not honing in on what you really love. 

Other people really, really influenced me. If I look to the left and see some young female entrepreneur out there doing her thing and justmaking things happen it just motivates me. That’s another reason why I try to keep great people nearby, because the more success the people in your network have the more you’re like, “Okay, I need to catch up”. You know what I mean? 

I think it’s really important for people to remember that when you’redoing something, when you’re striving for something, keep in mind that you’re not just doing it for yourself but you’re doing it for the greater good. You’re doing it for your community. You’re doing it for people who are going to come behind you and look to you for inspiration. 

If there’s something new that you want to do, don’t be scared and don’t think, “Oh, no one else has done this so it might not be successful. It might not be profitable”. Do it anyway because guess what? You could start a whole new wave and create a whole new path for other people who are interested in doing that but just don’t really know how. I am Christina Brown and success happens.