Castell’s Story

My name is Castell Barnes. I’m a college student and I‘m the founder of Philos Elite, which is a creating image consulting firm. Basically we’re pioneering on the paradigm of social intelligence. 

Success is measured towards maximizing your potential, capitalizing on your niche and working toward your legacy. I’m a firm believer that adversity builds character so I live like that. Success is finding what your niche is and capitalizing on it. I really think success is linked to legacy. To live without a legacy, I feel, is a waste of life. You want to be known for something and let it be positive. 

I don’t really live for now. I live for the future. What motivates me is to pretty much have everything set in stone for my kids. I want my legacy to be linked to philanthropy, volunteer work, community servant, financier,entrepreneur. 

In order to be good at something you’ve got to at least invest 10,000hours in it. I feel like brainstorming, being confident and knowing what you’re going to school for. Not to do it because somebody else says to do it but to go there because it’s something you want to do. My name is Castell Barnes and success happens.