Ashley’s Story

My name is Ashley Mui. I am known as the gratitude guru and I also have a company called Planet Brooklyn. We are a creative consultantcompany. I have a passion and this vision to explore gratitude in the way where people are really impacted. 

I grew up in San Francisco, California, the neighborhood called The Sunset. I lived 15 blocks away from the ocean and three blocks away from the biggest park in San Francisco. I feel like everything that I do is inspired by nature. I literally was one of those kids that tried everything,singing, dancing, every sport you can think of because I was always in a circle of love and supported in whatever I wanted to do, so people are always pushing me. 

II can train myself to do this constantly, all the time and be calm and choose the way that I‘m being that’s successful to me. People are watching you all the time so the more that you can be composed or be poised, in a way, you’re setting an example for someone. There’s the desire to do it and then there’s the will to do it. When I know I can just simply beat it there’s no struggling, there’s no striving. It is what it is. 

In the past I‘ve used a lot of words that are self-sabotaging.Acknowledging that now, I can move forward and I can start using a new vocabulary. I can start using words that actually support me and what it is that I‘m doing. If something went wrong I’m like, “Damn Ashley. I‘m stupid”. Okay. That’s not going to help me get to where I want to go right?

How can I make a new agreement with myself? How can I say something that’s actually going to empower me? When you’re applying for school or you’re working on a big project or you’re trying to get that dream job, go back to why you said yes to anything you did and that will always continue to generate momentum and more energy for you to complete that thing that you said you were going to do.