Admissions Do’s & Dont’s

One of the most intimidating steps of applying for admission to college is filling out all the forms. This list of do’s and don’ts will help you put your best foot forward on your college applications


  • Read applications and directions carefully.
  • Make sure that everything that is supposed to be included is enclosed.
  • Fill out your own applications. Type the information yourself to avoid crucial mistakes.
  • Start with the simple applications and then progress to the more complex ones.
  • Make copies of applications, and practice filling one out before you complete the original.
  • Type or neatly print your answers, and then proofread the applications and essays several times for accuracy. Also ask someone else to proofread them for you.
  • If asked, describe how you can make a contribution to the schools to which you apply.
  • Be truthful, and do not exaggerate your accomplishments.
  • Keep a copy of all forms you submit to colleges.
  • Be thorough and on time.
  • Use correction fluid. If you type your application, use a correctable typewriter or the liftoff strips to correct mistakes. Better yet, fill out your application on line.
  • Write in script. If you don’t have access to a computer or typewriter, print neatly.
  • Leave blank spaces. Missing information may cause your application to be sent back or delayed while admission officers wait for complete information.
  • Be unclear. If the question calls for a specific answer, don’t try to dodge it by being vague.