Abdi’s Story

My name is Abdi Farah and I‘m an artist. I‘m from Baltimore, Maryland but I live here in New York. I work in all sorts of mediums, painting sculpture, printmaking

I went to the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Being in a school that just draws the best of the best in every different discipline because Iknew going into Penn that I wanted to be an artist, which is kind of a weird thing to focus on but it was really great to be around people as interested in that as I was in art. Just seeing them and how they went about what they were doing just really helped inspire me and helped me to get a little more serious about what I was doing

I wasn’t used to working as hard as they were working us but Iremember, as I started to work really hard and I started to give it a shot and trust in teachers, I remember some of the artwork I started to do was really good. It was just one of the most fulfilling feelings, giving yourself to something and then having it work out. It was just worth all of the hard work that went into it. 

When you work on something and it turns out great, no matter if other people think it’s great, just that feeling within you that you’ve accomplished something is something I strive for every day now. Even if Idon’t feel inspired, even if I don’t really feel like working because I‘m kind of self-employed, I kind of have to make myself get to work. 

Whatever field you’re in, whether it’s the most creative thing or the most scientific thing or the least creative thing, you have to track your success.At the end of the year you can’t be like, “Oh shoot. What did I do?” You should be able to see what you’ve done and that’ll keep you inspired

I remember growing up my mom used to say nothing worth doing is easy.That thing that she said to me, that line has always stayed in my mind. Ireally like people who do what they do and enjoy doing what they do. It doesn’t even matter what they’re doing. I had to travel to California a little while back and the flight attendant, she was just the nicest person of all time. She just went out of her way to be the best flight attendant ever.It’s people like that that really inspire me. 

Learn the people who have come before you who have done great things.It’s all about problem solving. If you see what people have done before you, you don’t even have to deal with their problems. You just start off where they came and you just take it to a whole other level. 

Every field is really difficult. There are going to be really difficult things that confront you at every step of the way. If you just know that and embrace it you’ll also have fun with the difficult things. My name is Abdi Farah and success happens.